Traditional dishes of the Northwest Thai people


Culture of Thai people in Northwest of Vietnam is well known with many Pieu scarves and jumping stalls dancing in traditional Ban flower festival. Few people know that Thai people also has some traditional dishes that anyone who has been enjoying once will remember forever.

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Traditional dishes of the Northwest Thai people

With these dishes which are meticulously prepared, unique, the traditional cuisine of the Northwest ethnic Thai is considered as the most effective way of transmitting the culture of the nation.

Traditional dishes of the Northwest Thai people

All the Thai dishes are made from natural ingredients. Buffalo meat, beef, fish, chicken is marinated very pickily and carefulfuly by Thai poeple. The spices to marinate is “mac ken” (a form of forest pepper), chilli, garlic, ginger, salt …

The procession of Thai dishes

A unique feature of the Thai national dish is when processing the food, the Thais absolutely do not use grease and very focused on the coordination of bitter – spicy – salt- acrid. These spicies are harmonious combination making diners feel excited when eating the baked, boiled, steamed, smoked…. dishes.

Traditional dishes of the Northwest Thai people

When enjoying the Thai barbecue, you will find charming, rich in nutrients. Steamed and boiled have a special sweet taste.

The unique cuisine of Thai people such as pa ping top (grilled fish), khau lam (rice), nhua mua khua (steamed pork), nhua giang (smoked buffalo meat)… are made very elaborately and makes people never forget. Each dish seems to contain the hearts of Thai people.

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